tanana.ipub.us http://tanana.ipub.us en-US http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss socportals@mediacolo.com As Boris Delivers A Brexit Deal Sterling Soars Then Slumps Sterling (£) endured a topsy turvy day against both the Dollar ($) and Euro (€) after the U. K. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson revealed that a Brexit deal had been agreed with the negotiating team of the EU. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015474-boris-delivers-brexit-deal-sterling-soars-then-slumps Thu, 17 2019 21:01:00 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015474-boris-delivers-brexit-deal-sterling-soars-then-slumps The Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Units In North America Than The Wii U Sold Period The Nintendo Switch has already sold more units than the Wii U in North America, racing past the 15 million mark. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015473-nintendo-switch-has-sold-more-units-north-america-wii-u-sold Thu, 17 2019 21:05:01 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015473-nintendo-switch-has-sold-more-units-north-america-wii-u-sold 7 Books Everyone On Your Team Should Read Want to build a better team at work? The whole office should read these books. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015320-7-books-everyone-your-team-should-read Thu, 17 2019 20:54:00 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015320-7-books-everyone-your-team-should-read Identical Twin Nurses Deliver Identical Twin Babies The delivery nurse told the new mom, "Guess what? ... My sister is a twin and we are both going to be in your delivery.” http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015250-identical-twin-nurses-deliver-identical-twin-babies Thu, 17 2019 18:56:19 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3015250-identical-twin-nurses-deliver-identical-twin-babies No, The Customer’s Not Always Right. Yes, You Need To Make Them Feel Like They Are. No, it's not true that the customer's always right. Nonetheless, your business benefits from making them feel like they are, explains customer service consultant and speaker Micah Solomon. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014794-no-customers-not-always-right-yes-you-need-make-them-feel-th Thu, 17 2019 17:14:46 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014794-no-customers-not-always-right-yes-you-need-make-them-feel-th Former Florida cop won#039;t serve jail time after accidentally killing woman, 73, in training exercise A former Florida police officer who accidentally shot and killed a 73-year-old woman during a demonstration will not serve any jail time as part of a plea agreement. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014726-former-florida-cop-won039t-serve-jail-time-after-accidentall Thu, 17 2019 16:22:59 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014726-former-florida-cop-won039t-serve-jail-time-after-accidentall Brexit Deal and Better-Than-Expected Earnings Have Wall Street in a Buying Mood News of a draft Brexit deal has added to investor optimism from a raft of better-than-expected earnings reports http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014322-brexit-deal-and-better-expected-earnings-have-wall-street-bu Thu, 17 2019 13:39:19 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014322-brexit-deal-and-better-expected-earnings-have-wall-street-bu How To Build A Hybrid Remote And On-Site Team With Great Culture Having a team of on- and off-site employees is quickly becoming the status quo. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014078-how-build-hybrid-remote-and-site-team-great-culture Thu, 17 2019 11:00:00 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014078-how-build-hybrid-remote-and-site-team-great-culture Your Inconsistency Is More Noticeable Than You Think A study on how your consistency affects​ your performance at work. Your fellow workers are watching you more than you realize. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014064-your-inconsistency-more-noticeable-you-think Thu, 17 2019 11:30:00 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014064-your-inconsistency-more-noticeable-you-think South Korean soccer team tells of #039;rough#039; match in Pyongyang South Korea's national soccer team described their World Cup qualifier against North Korea in Pyongyang as a "rough" match played under strange conditions that may be raised with FIFA. http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014005-south-korean-soccer-team-tells-039rough039-match-pyongyang Thu, 17 2019 10:20:39 GMT http://tanana.ipub.us/news/3014005-south-korean-soccer-team-tells-039rough039-match-pyongyang